Classic Reloaded

In lingual context, a translation of a text can either be "faithful" to the original, "transparent" (as in: conform to grammar, syntax & idiom of the source language) or "literal"... with the latter leaving translators the most freedom. Wikipedia describes a literal translation as "stretching the limits of the target language to produce an unidiomatic text." And in times like these, the universal language of music can be translated in just the same way. That way, "Classic Reloaded" is all about freedom of expression. Free to cherrypick from the huge Universal Music classic catalogue (mainly Deutsche Grammophon, Decca and Philips), Stefan made his choices wisely, allowing some of Mozart's and Beethoven‘s greatest works to inspire his own approach. The tracks of the „Classic Reloaded“ project of Stefan Obermaier are neither "remixes" nor "reinterpretations". Obermaier's way of translating classical repertoire into the musical language of the 21st century - fueled by club music and genre bending culture mix beyond limits - goes way deeper. The plain fact is that real musicians in the end do speak the same language, known as: timeless music.

„In music the passions enjoy themselfs.“ - Friedrich Nietsche

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