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Stefan Obermaier

In “Mozart Reloaded” and “Beethoven Reloaded” musician and electronic artist Stefan Obermaier presents a contemporary reading of these great masters’ work. The respective originals, drawn from the archives of Universal Music- Classic labels, have been electronically re-interpreted bringing about a novel sound experience. In his “Classic Reloaded” series Obermaier translates selected masterpieces of Mozart and Beethoven using the musical alphabet of the 21st century. The result breaks well established genre descriptions and takes the listener beyond musical and cultural boundaries.

Ever since stepping into the arena of international club electronica almost a decade ago, Stefan Obermaier first and foremost stayed true to himself and to his unique sonic vision as a musician, producer and DJ. One of Europe’s most exciting producers Stefan has built a name for himself with his remarkable solo releases on Vienna Scientists Rec., the in-demand remixes he delivered for Supermax, Mark Murphy, M (“Pop Muzik”) and many more over the years and now with his outstanding releases on his own label imprint Drift Recordings. Stefan Obermaier’s music comes almost innocent - on the beach, inside an airplane, on the rooftop or in the club when the first sunlight breaks through, this is the soundtrack for the fusion of absent-mindedness and collective euphoric ecstasy. „It is always a certain mood that I am aiming for“ says Stefan with a smile - his music is fresh, positive and breathes quite an amount of new life.

Stefan Obermaier’s „Classic Reloaded“ is featured at the world‘s first Museum of Sound and Music - The Viennese Haus der Musik.

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