The Seventh (04:10)

Choral (04:27)

The Fith (04:02)

Appassionate (05:01)

Pastoral (05:18)

Pathetique (04:43)

Egmont (04:36)

Eroica (04:55)

For Elise (04:16)

Tempest (04:33)

Moonlight (05:20)




Beethoven Reloaded

For this volume of the “Classic Reloaded” project, Vienna based electronic musician Stefan Obermaier chose to create literal translations of Ludwig van Beethoven’s music, stretching the limits of the source material to produce unidiomatic sound. That way, “Beethoven Reloaded” once again is all about artistic freedom. Free to cherrypick from the huge Universal Music classical catalogue (mainly Deutsche Grammophon, Decca and Philips), Stefan made his choices wisely, allowing some of Beethoven’s greatest works to inspire his own approach. The tracks on this record are neither “remixes” nor “reinterpretations”. Stefan Obermaier’s translations of Beethoven repertoire into the musical language of the 21st century - fueled by club sound and genre bending culture mixing beyond any limits - goes way deeper. Interestingly enough, both Ludwig and Stefan chose to move to Vienna in their early twenties. Which might be another reason for the plain fact that in the end they do speak the same language, known as: timeless music. “Music is the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge - which comprehends mankind, but which mankind cannot comprehend.” (Ludwig van Beethoven). 2012 Stefan Obermaier added the bonus track „Moonlight“ to the re-release of „Beethoven Reloaded“.

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